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Setting Up Google Accounts For Business Service

Be sure to use Google's awesome free resources!
One of the foundations of any solid internet marketing plan, as well as a being a productive content marketing tactic and strategy, is to become fully familiar with the Google services available which are free and very valuable. By utilizing the many features of the Google resources platform you have both a strategic and micro view of your web assets. One place to start if you’re time-challenged is with a some professional Google SEO consulting.

Google Analytics – Webmaster Tools – Google+ Local Setup Service

We’ll help assemble a team that works together to get things done to build up online visibility in Google. Usually the team, or digital marketing team, consists of the business owner or marketing team point person; your SEO consultant specialist Kevin Yeaman; and your webmaster or web developer. Sometimes a content writer comes into the picture. Setting up your Google Assets correctly as a key team toolkit is one of the best resources used for data to increase website visibility further.

Offering Google Account Setup Services

  • Gmail E-mail Account Setup – Signup for a free Gmail account with a relevant username either equal to your primary keyword phrase or your company brand. This same account, username, and login credentials can be used for all the other Google products.
  • Google Plus Personal Profile Page“Posts” Create your Google My Business page and get it verified.
  • “About” Page Enhancement – Add the most important secondary links to other business profiles with specific link sections including: “Other Profiles” “Contributor To” “Links”. About also includes areas for “Education” “Company Information” and physical location.
  • Google Company Page Setup: Google+ Local verifies the actual physical address adding legitimacy. Verification methods can easily be done by a local SEO agency and are either initiated via postcard or via actual phone call from the Google customer service department personnel. Create a Google + business page to improve your company brand and complement the personal profile page.
  • Additional sections build outs are available such as a Getting Google Reviews section
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup – As your site is prepared for marketing we’ll make sure you have an XML site map available that can be submitted to your Google Webmaster Tools adding to visibility and creating a platform for incoming messages regarding any problems or issues with your site. GWT also lists the incoming links found. GWT should be associated with your Google Analytics. Your preferrred domain will be set to prevent any canonicalization problems from negatively affecting Google rankings positions.
  • Google Analytics Setup Service – Set Up Google Analytics to get traffic data and further search engine optimization information such as “Landing Pages” and “Queries”.
  • Set Up a Youtube Account: Setting Up a Youtube account with your username or brand name is included.

Getting your Google Assets together helps contribute to many different types of internet marketing objectives whether you’re competing on a Local SEO basis, National SEO, or compete on a Global SEO basis. It’s simply the best free way to gather and report critical SEO metrics.

For an added benefit, you can use the same single Google login credentials for Adwords, free Blogger.com blog setups, Feedburner RSS feeds, and Picassa web albums.

A person can have more than one Google login credential set established depending upon what’s easiest to keep things organized. Tip: Setting things up correctly in the first place makes it a whole lot easier later to prevent duplication and costly mistakes.