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Responsive Website Design in Denver, CO and for the Colorado Front Range

All trends in marketing lead towards responsive website design as a positive catalyst to generate more sales and business from your website presence. Consumers are browsing the web on mobile smartphones and smaller-profile tablets.

To ensure all visitors enjoy the user experience they deserve on a more dynamic and interactive website, making your website mobile-friendly could be your first ticket to start surpassing online competitors that still use outdated website design technology such as Adobe Flash or Splash intros, outdated HTML tags and tables that slow down page load-time performance, and non-mobile-friendly HTML coding standards.

Denver, CO Responsive Website Designer and Developer

Where’s your website traffic coming from: mobile, desktop, tablets, smartphones?


If over 25% of your website traffic is coming from non-desktop devices, you’re losing out on business due to a poor user experience from your company website showing up on different display devices. Converting a website to a mobile website is a necessary web page designer project and task that needs to be done to maintain and grow organic website traffic.

In addition to a responsive website design, businesses definitely need a top quality website content management system with SEO features built-in.

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Mobile Website Design and Development Services

The top website designs enable the website layout to adjust to the computer device and screen resolution for site visitors. It’s fluid grid-based layout breaks content apart into rows, columns and sections while scrolling which allows relative and dynamic sizing of images and media. As a mobile device screen becomes wider or narrower, the individual web page elements can spread out horizontally, or stack such as for scaling images to fit the device screen size.

In addition, responsive websites uniformly serve users consistent URLs regardless of devices accessing web pages, which simplifies marketing and leads to less Google indexing confusion due to consolidating link equity towards a single URL. Having consistent URLs makes sharing easier in social media versus. Companies that have a separate mobile website results in having entirely different mobile web page URLs that are published on a separate subdomain.

Another benefit of making a website responsive is for cross-browser support. Website owners want visitors with all web browsers such as Internet Explorer version 9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to be equally as satisfied with their site visit experience.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Designing responsive websites consists of a web page coding process that uses HTML5 doc types for standardization. Upgrading a website to the HTML 5 doc type used in responsive websites can resolve multiple device compatibility problems. Whether it’s an Ipad, Iphone, or any smartphone, the goal is to make a good first impression. This is expecially important for web searches with local intent. Over 40% of Americans are now using mobile devices.

Searching for Colorado Web Design Companies?

If your business website is 25 pages or less and needs a performance upgrade, please research our company. As a local Colorado web design agency and Denver WordPress developer, we can convert your older site into a new responsive website that is optimized for small-screen devices as well as for desktop PCs and tablets.

Our responsive web designer prices for small businesses depend upon the number of optimized web pages in the project, and upon many other factors requiring a custom quote.

We’d like the opportunity to help you implement the best responsive web design technology available that leads to new business possibilities realized when publishing mobile-friendly websites We’ll help you avoid experiencing a high website bounce rate percentage, and avoid the need to publish a separate mobile website.

More information on mobile websites. Learn more about us.
Business owners looking at small business web design upgrades for their company should realize additional benefits leading to enhanced Google visibility.

Responsive websites provide a superior user experience and include technological advantages made available through HTML5 coding such as cleaner markup elements, offline caching, cross-browser compatibility, and upgraded audio and video support tags.