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What Does An SEO Consultant Do?

What does an SEO Specialist do: SEO Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities, Tasks, Requirements, Job Profile

SEO Consultant Job Description | What does an SEO Consultant do?

A search engine optimization consultant (or SEO consultant) is a job that analyzes and reviews websites and their incoming links in order to provide expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to business owners seeking to earn more natural search engine traffic and higher ranking positions.

The job description of an SEO Consultant has transformed into needing upgraded skills. With the focus on a Holistic SEO systems in an integrated approach, there’s a new set of job deliverables focusing on creating better content experiences for users. The SEO Consultant job description definition and bio comprises extensive strategic, analytical, and tactical skills requiring higher-level thinking and actions involving social media, content quality scoring, high competition, and ongoing search engine updates.

Organic SEO Consulting Duties and Responsibilities

SEO consulting duties, responsibilities, tasks and job descriptions now cover a dynamic spectrum of marketing disciplines in varied marketing channels functioning with interrelated relationships. What has remained constant over time are continuing needs to: achieve higher Google search engine rankings, get more content discovered, create lasting results, and improve conversion rates, all-while operating in a continual onslaught of increased competition.

Examples of new terminologies and lingo creeping into the SEO Job Description and being written about in industry blogs include sophisticated disciplines such as Mobile App Search/Development | Conversion Rate Optimization | Big Data | Website Security | Live Streaming | Cloud Computing | Information Architecture | Influencer Marketing | Accelerated Mobile Pages | Marketing Automation | Latent Semantic Indexing | Interstitials | Voice Search Queries | Google Quick Answers Box & Knowledge Panel | Ad Retargeting | Google Snack Pack | Featured Snippets | Artificial Intelligence | Mobile User Experience | Schema and Structured Data Markup | RankBrain | Wearables | The Internet of Things| Buy Buttons | Messaging App | Native Advertising |

SEO Specialist Job Responsibilities & SEO Job Description – Top 50 Tasks

  1. Keep SEO Budget on Track – Manage campaign budget expenses, help stablish priorities, perform project management, document changes.
  2. Become knowledgeable about the customer’s search marketing objectives, industry, business niche, products, brand attributes, and competitive position
  3. Optimize Web Pages – Integrate Keyword Phrases, Execute On-Page SEO Mechanical Elements (H-tags, Images, Text attributes)
  4. Keyword Research Discovery + Analysis • Prioritize Keywords Targeting Strategy for head keyword verticals and long-tailed keyword phrases. Identify existing keyword rankings and potential new keyword targets.
  5. Keyword Mapping: Map keywords to specific pages strengthening Content Silos
  6. Compose Effective Headlines and subheadings! Write compelling unique Title Tags and Description metatags to induce more clicks in search results
  7. Attain multiple Google top ten rankings positions for money keywords on home page, internal & Landing Pages, and Blog Posts using both tactics and longer-term strategies
  8. Improve User Experience on Website: Increase Click Through Rates (CTR) in search engine results listings, Minimize Page Abandonment, Increase Page Views.
  9. Diagnose Technical SEO Issues and resolve: Canonicalization, Pagination, 404 errors, 301/302 Redirects, Crawl Errors, Server Errors, Duplicate Content, Robot.txt file, XML sitemap and HTML sitemap problems, broken links, test and resolve website page load speed issues and conduct mobile-friendly test for readability and usability problems on different web browsers and screen resolutions
  10. Perform Local SEO marketing campaigns – Google+ Local Places, Regional & Local Citations
  11. Conduct a full SEO Website Audit and document Baselines and Benchmarks
  12. Complete an Online Competitive Analysis • Reverse-Engineer Competitors’ Websites
  13. Keep informed on Industry Trends, SEO Best Practices, and Google Algorithm Updates. This ability includes advanced knowledge on ‘what spam is’ to avoid it.
  14. Guarantee a Search Engine Friendly Website for humans and search engines
  15. Write Original Unique Content. Identify content gaps needing filled. Offer copy writing coaching tips. Raise content quality standards. Remove or update outdated content. Consolidate thin content onto fewer stronger pages, find and fix duplicate content.
  16. Demonstrates proficiency in making content adjustments and tweaking content based upon measurable data. Pages should have genuine purpose, relevancy, and add value. Merge or consolidate content to yield fewer, stronger, web pages and remove thin content.
  17. Recommend Call-To-Action features and CTA Buttons, Improve Conversion Rates
  18. Provide SEO Recommendations + SEO Strategy based on Priorities, Budget, and Goals
  19. Devise, Communicate, Educate for multiple kinds of changes warranted for improving website performance and improving targeted traffic acquisition to owned web properties
  20. Know operational features of Content Management Systems: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  21. Have general understanding of Web Development, Web Design, HTML coding, CSS
  22. Understand key aspects of E-commerce Websites, Shopping Carts, and Photo Galleries
  23. Implement Google Quick Answers Box Features into web pages to gain top-position Rich Snippets – Include hierarchical H-Tags, and Add Paragraph and Table Content HTML markup code along with specific answers for displaying rich content originating from Schema Markup that succinctly answers searchers’ questions in order to achieve Google position zero SERP rankings!
  24. Use SEO Tools Effectively – Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics interpretation, bounce rate, crawl errors, SEO Queries, Impressions. Proprietary and third-party SEO tools identify trends and building blocks for achieving higher organic rankings – Semrush.com, Noblesamurai.com, Opensiteexplorer.com, Majesticseo.com, Keywordspy.com.
  25. Use Best Internal Linking Practices that support usability and Marketing Funnels
  26. Off-site SEO for Organic SEO rankings – develop a diversified inbound link profile via link building outreach strategies that attract natural relevant links to key landing pages. Pursue quality backlink relationships with authority sites for long-term results.
  27. Recommendations for Global Navigation, Site Layout, Menu Systems, Sidebars and Footer
  28. Expert Troubleshooter Capabilities – Use Diagnostics Software Tools, MS Office Skills
  29. Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) criteria for performance evaluation
  30. Establish naming conventions and Taxonomies for URLs, sub-directories, subdomains, Files, Graphical Images, multi-media
  31. Create a URL Map blueprint and road map document exhibiting Information Architecture that portrays the Hierarchy of Content priorities on the site
  32. Evaluate how important Mobile Marketing Solutions, mobile websites, and Responsive Website Design are to their business plan when analyzing internet marketing priorities
  33. Periodic Monthly SEO Reports & Web Analytics Reviews – Track Keyword Ranking Changes
  34. Optimize social media accounts to generate referral Organic SEO Traffic. Utilize, develop, and setup Top Social Media Account Profiles such as Youtube SEO Optimization. Add social media share buttons and features
  35. Assist with Content Distribution & Content Promotion in digital marketing channels: video portals, social media, email newsletters, public relations, blogging, photo image sharing
  36. Discuss the basics of branding your business and building brand awareness visibility online, which comes from 5+ to 10 years of wide-ranging SEO consulting experience
  37. Quality Control team output to confirm tasks completion based upon assigned roles and responsibilities assuring full accountability and execution. Quality control site launch.
  38. Protect their client from Website Security Issues proactively before malware happens
  39. Review Web Hosting status and Domain Ranking factors – avoid problems & reduce costs
  40. Collaborate effectively with client for improving SEO results measured by earning more organic traffic independently, or as a key cross-functional marketing team member
  41. Be proficient in assessing Client needs for Paid Search Advertising, pay-per-click or PPC
  42. Explain the advantages and benefits of SEO so the customer understands why this marketing strategy is worthwhile versus the 100% paid search advertising model.
  43. Responsible for leading monthly SEO meetings, client presentations, work reviews, progress update, personal meetings & conference call participation, proof demonstrations.
  44. Advise customer on whether it makes more business sense to improve their existing website, or invest in a new website, new domain, and website design (pros and cons)
  45. Set Realistic Expectations – Under Promise and Over Deliver! Treat people respectfully and professionally.
  46. Ability to communicate complex concepts on client’s knowledge level without using excessive industry buzz terms, answer questions, training and coaching
  47. Pay attention to both Offensive and Defensive SEO Campaign Strategies
  48. Consults on how to best utilize other client-owned domains under their ownership.
  49. Plan ahead for implementing the best marketing steps and future SEO Initiatives.
  50. DO NOT make SEO Guarantees for rankings, only guarantee what’s in your control.

What SEO Specialists Do: Bring In Natural Search Engine Traffic

SEO Specialists provide consulting and internet marketing fulfillment services to enable business website owners to bring in more natural search engine traffic as a direct result of optimizing and promoting multiple digital marketing channel content versus off-line marketing techniques such as traditional advertising.

For example optimizing digital marketing channels including:

  1. Blogs
  2. Publishing Useful, Relevant, and Unique Website Content
  3. Directing Direct Traffic from Internal Website Pages via Internal Linking
  4. Through Social Media Content Development
  5. From using Content Curation
  6. Using all On-site Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  7. By Setting Up Optimal Website Structure, Design, and Layout
  8. Publishing Exceptional and Sharable Articles on Industry Websites
  9. Via Earning Incoming Editorial Links from Webmasters
  10. Through Ongoing Advice, Adjustments, Measurements, and Continual Improvements

Conducting an SEO tactics and strategies meeting onsite or via teleconference is an excellent starting point for business owners to learn more about improving website performance and gaining online visibility.

To learn more about how to do SEO marketing for your own company, start by developing a networking relationship connecting with an SEO Specialist Kevin Yeaman on LinkedIn to begin learning the ins and outs of SEO marketing.


SEO Consultant Job Description and Responsibilities


Job Responsibilities, Tasks, Duties for SEO Professionals

Google Algorithm Updates Move The Bar Higher

The Google named algorithms such as Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, Exact Match Domain, and Page Layout Update raise the aptitude bar higher for disseminating sound client advice.

Business owners depend on SEO Specialists skills and talents in understanding what Google wants in order to deserve organic search engine traffic that gets the phones ringing; they want to attract qualified business leads into their email inbox or get a motivated customer prospect in front of them personally to deliver their sales pitch to, they want to sell a product on their eCommerce site, or they want people to walk in the door.

What are the questions to ask your SEO Expert?

Ask about past experience managing search engine optimization campaigns in multiple market verticals, before and after Google Panda and Penguin updates. Our home page lists over 30 clients of our SEO expert consultations. When considering hiring an SEO Consultant Specialist, realize this field of knowledge is dynamic, requiring ongoing diverse experience from a daily-engaged specialist.

SEO Specialist Job Description Entails Diverse Google Expertise

Nobody can control Google ranking results, but we do have 100% control over our website, social media accounts, and Google + profiles. The SEO Specialist job description requires continual process improvement, along with breadth and depth of knowledge for improving marketing assets using SEO Best Practices that deliver a better search engine user experience.

Keeping abreast of Google updates are key SEO responsibilities. Paying attention to algorithm update implications that positively or negatively impact search engine ranking criteria are key job requirements.

An experienced SEO consultant practices in the industry daily observing, experimenting, working, proving, and testing how diverse online assets respond to Google updates in order to provide clients with timely consulting advice and recommendations.

The online competition beats you when they have hired a better SEO team!

Start With A Search Engine Friendly Website

Before getting into specific skills that SEO consultants need to master, the best starting point and ground zero objective that business owners must strive for is an SEO Friendly Website. This cannot be emphasized enough!

The most basic of skill set needed by search engine optimization consultants is to be able to deliver search engine friendly website design.

If a website isn’t at minimum ‘search engine friendly’ it’s doomed to permanent underachievement in receiving free, or organic, search engine traffic.

As a bonus, paid search advertising programs are more effective when paired with a search engine friendly websites that have professionally designed targeted landing pages.

Outsource or Hire a Full-Time Employee In-House?

Company owners either hire an inside marketing team for handling search engine marketing tasks and duties, or outsource project required skills to freelancers, agencies, or consultants for advice, planning, strategy, and execution.

Whether your expert is an employee or an outsourced, advanced skills in interrelated digital marketing fields job experience pays off big time for consistently being able to drive forward-progress to counter ever-increasing competition.

A Holistic SEO approach uses synergies in diverse marketing fields from basic online marketing to advanced content strategy development, website specifications, offline to online marketing, and integrating social media and Google + platform tools.