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Building A Competitive Advantage Online

Beating The Online Competition

Competitive Advantage Strategies for the Web

Online marketers must continually work to develop an online competitive advantage to surpass online competitors. Small businesses have numerous realistic ways to develop niche competitive advantages, stand out from the crowd, differentiate their businesses on the web, and eventually prevail in search engine results by taking the right strategic moves, implemeting time-tested tactics, gathering market intelligence, and using SEO specialist guidance.

In the real world, competition is fierce in all marketing verticals where there’s significant money to be made beating competitors. Getting the most valuable traffic online depends upon winning the battle for increased business visibility! Analyzing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to identify low-hanging-fruit and actionable opportunities is part of the SEO job.

A few productive strategy ideas for winning in Google search are listed below. The list is far from exhaustive, as there are numerous great visibility-enhancing ways to build competitive advantages that empower company owners to overtake competitors one keyword phrase, keyword theme, or web page at a time. In some cases, performing a detailed competitive analysis provides answers.

10 Competitive Advantage Examples


    1. Incoming Links Profile – Off-page SEO Competitive Advantage: A better incoming link profile linking into your main site, and deep-linking into internal pages, from a diversified group of reputable domains presents a good competitive advantage example. Incoming links are still valuable for off-page SEO. Links leading into your social media accounts also count. Naturally acquired editorial links given freely by people appreciating your content is uniquely powerful, natural, authentic, and preferable. Many content marketing advantages are realized once you start earning natural links.


    1. Social Shares in Social Media – Having a social media sharing community of people that follow and share your branded content is a powerful online competitive advantage. We recommend getting social media sharing widget icons installed on your website and blog, also known as a social share bar or social media button. Next time your publish a worthy blog post, post to your social following in social networks. Make it easy for others to share content, and then re-purpose content multiple times.


    1. Integration of Micro data Schema.org Markup: Microdata or Schema markup is a productive technique for allowing your website to communicate types of content and data more clearly to Google. Schema markup and structured data markup gives you a competitive advantage by enabling Google to evaluate and interpret site content unambiguously. Google authorship markup is no longer that useful, however, other types of semantic markup include: Local business schema, videos, customer testimonials and reviews, and event postings schema makes a positive difference.


    1. Google Authorship Integration – Adding Google Authorship schema to your site connecting to your Google + personal profile improves online content visibility. Google Authorship schema can add author headshot profiles in search results, boosting brand visibility of recognized expert authors and increasing search results click-through rates. In the future, Google author rank could be an additional ranking signal demonstrating authority. No online presence would be compete without building out your Google personal profile and Google Local Plus business profile pages.


    1. Provide Better Customer Service – Treating potential customers and existing clients with respect, dignity, and genuine attention to serving their needs striving to be the very best in the business gives you a sustainable competitive advantage for building your brand online. Whether it’s in retail or services industries, paying attention to details such as responding quickly to online form inquiries distinguishes companies from the competition. Treat people fairly, respectfully, and respond promptly. Two additional benefits are realized: establishing brand loyalty, and the possibility of gaining valuable positive online reviews benefitting local search marketing visibility.


    1. Local Online Reviews – Authentic positive online reviews in sufficient volume posted from real clients that recommend doing business with you is a legitimate form of competitive advantage that differentiates your company in Google, versus businesses that either have no online reviews, phony online reviews, or negative online reviews. To be successful in the Local SEO results listings, local online reviews are crucial, as is paying attention to reputation management. Google+ reviews are great along with other top Local SEO review sites such as Yelp.com and Merchantcircle.com.


    1. Improve Website Usability – Design a website with logical site menu navigation leading to well-organized web content enabling site visitors to quickly find exactly the information that solves their search query to improve website user experience. Write about topics in-depth with lengthy multi-faceted content that includes paragraph sub-headings making web pages easily scannable. Fix broken links. Break up textual content with visual content such as images, photos, videos, and infographics. Make sure website load speed time is 4 seconds or under. Add image alt-tag descriptions. Have a professional looking website design. Prominently display contact information. Don’t overdo internal linking. Link out to resources citing the original source. Include clear call-to-actions. Use an easily readable text font. Allow sufficient white space. Keep paragraphs short and concise (not like here). Continually improve conversion rate optimization. Publish evergreen content. The best user experience websites have responsive website design.


    1. Use Best Responsive Website Designs in Website Upgrades – An outdated website is a recipe for failure. Work with a website design agency that knows how to build a responsive website. WordPress responsive website design templates are great for marketing, and include online visibility features such as RSS feeds and software plugins. A responsive design website ensures your content is user-friendly across multiple computer hardware platforms including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly website conveys clear ranking signals to Google that you’re serious! Combined with organized website content, effective content management systems, and exacting deployment of long-tailed keywords strategy, you’ve got a nearly unbeatable combination of factors in your favor! If you’re online competitors are not using mobile friendly websites that could be your first opening salvo.


    1. Video Marketing and Visual Content – In web design layouts, break up paragraph text to give your reader‘s eyes a rest and create a better user experience. Visual content includes published images, photographs, pictures, infographics, graphs, colorful charts for statistics and research, presentations such as Powerpoint documents, tutorials, and webinars. There are tons of statistics describing the benefits of video marketing to support the conclusion that video content marketing is a powerful competitive weapon. It’s easier for people to watch a video than read text. Video makes a powerful impact! In fact, video marketing can help in lowering customer bounce rate considerably, keeping humans on your site longer, which is recognized by Google if Google Analytics is installed. Lower bounce rates are leading indicators of higher search engine rankings.


    1. Learn how to use long tailed keywords on your website. Adding a business blog to your website creates the perfect setting for writing long-tailed keyword integrated blog posts. Long tailed keywords are easier to rank for and attract highly-targeted business leads. Business owners may want to contact an SEO Consultant Specialist to do the keyword analysis and research to identify keyword themes that are realistic and commercially profitable to target that online competition may be ignoring. #10 is my favorite!


Niche Competitive Advantage

Proven internet marketing techniques like having a professional website design, stating a compelling call-to-action leading to a focused landing page, ensuring a product differentiation strategy, or identifying a unique selling proposition all help build credibility and authority online in your business niche. In addition, small business owners should learn about the benefits content marketing visibility provides.

An SEO consultant should be skilled at recommending tactics for content marketing, business niche competitive factors, social media, incoming link building opportunities, Google + strategies, and certainly for creating a search engine friendly website. It could take several months of tenacious effort and additional content development to land in the top 5 Google search results rankings. Be patient and persistent. Realize that your online competition has invested at least 25+ hours in optimizing their online presence, and you need to do the same.

Integrating a business blog onto your website is an idea to consider for publishing branded content. The benefits of blogging are unique, powerful, and certainly cost effective. Make sure every blog post counts. There are dos and dont’s.

Fresh content publishing upgrading your website content regularly produces better rankings and visibility results, especially when also sharing blog posts on social media platforms. Remember to remove stale content that can cause a drag on overall domain rankings. Diagnose and fix 404 error codes. Remove duplicate content to strengthen pages.

Learn how to find an SEO expert that never runs out of cost-effective ways to promote your content and brand and company. You’ll know it when you’ve found the right expert. Life gets easier when you’re seeing results from efforts and investments.

Create Exceptional Visual Content – Video & Written Content

Every topic, theme, subject, issue and niche has been covered, published, stated and written in hundreds of ways online ahead of you.

To beat the online competition it requires creating exceptional written or audiovisual content, meaning that people are enriched, and then you must promote or share that content until it begins gaining momentum.

Google algorithms favor outstanding content that results in positive user experiences; versus prior algorithms that were more link-based in assessing which content document is more authoritative and deserving of attaining higher natural search engine visibility.

Once Google is kind enough to ‘give’ you some organic search engine traffic, you’d better take care of that site visitor and treat them right, or else they’ll bounce off the page.

Whether visitors stay or bounce off your site – Google is constantly measuring and collecting web page metrics keeping score!

What’s The Meaning of Competitive Advantage?

A competitive advantage is established whenever a business makes a noticeable positive impression connecting with consumers, influencing people with valuable insights, providing added value in services, and maybe even impacting somebody into becoming motivated enough to write positive online reviews about their experience, or offer word of mouth recommendations.

Certainly, your online marketing activities can get you a competitive advantage, and that’s where Organic SEO Specialists come into the picture. You’ll know it when a competitive advantage is secured because people will remember your brand and return to it!

You don’t have to be the best in all cases, but you need to excel in at least one competitive strategy, technique, element, component, or factor to build a sustainable competitive advantage.