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SEO Consulting Services – 6 Hour Initial SEO Packages

Need experienced SEO Consulting?  Try 6 Hour Initial SEO Consultations covering 15 key areas below, with no SEO contracts necessary.  All consultation packages deliver the EXACT services needed for increasing organic search engine visibility of your business and brand.

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The 6 Hour Initial SEO Consultation Package

Initial Project Search Engine Optimization Services Package – 15 key areas, up to 20-Page Site with Freelancer SEO Consulting Services Below – 6 hours @ $85 = $510

  • Initial Project Kickoff Fact-finding Interview:  Discuss your target audience and learn about your company search engine marketing goals, expectations, and priorities. Coach client on How to Create a Search Engine Friendly Web Site Design to establish the most Effective Online Marketing Platform.  Two in person meetings included if local.
  • Home Page Content Optimization:  Complete home page search engine optimization including for all meta data and mechanical elements.
  • Keyword Research Analysis:  Perform keyword research and targeting analysis using proprietary SEO reporting software based upon primary goals. Typically we start with one major keyword vertical.  Included long-tailed keyword research.
  • Content Marketing SEO Strategy:  Recommendations for Organizing Content into Hubs or Content Silos for establishing accurate information architecture.
  • Writing Title Tags & Meta DataWrite title tags and description meta tag data for agreed-upon primary keyword theme pages.
  • Information Architecture & Site Layout:  Consult on Website Menu Navigation & Content Structure, header section, sidebars, footer, outgoing links, and web design suitability
  • Initial SEO Reports from SEO Website Audit:  Documentation of recommended URL Map including Keyword Mapping, in MS spreadsheet format, for main content silo web pages, top incoming links; record baselines as benchmark measurements; number of Google indexed pages; organic traffic trends; domain authority baseline, current search rankings publicly available, Alexa traffic data; Canonical Issues; Web Page Speed Test; Videos & Images
  • Online Competitor AssessmentCompetitive Analysis Evaluation for three competing websites of your choice for visibility advantages & key search engine ranking factors.
  • Inbound Linking Assets:  Discuss Incoming Link building Strategy for both Local SEO Marketing and National SEO.  Document digital marketing assets such as social media accounts, Local SEO Citations and most powerful inbound links.
  • Google+ Local Places & Google+ Personal Profiles Initial Consultation:  Discuss proper Google business accounts setup, implementation and status of XML site map submission.  Discuss setting up Google tools & services, Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics.  Audit profiles, business pages, and Youtube to synchronize and consolidate accounts.
  • Website Visibility Analysis:  Review digital assets for online visibility status.  Main website rankings, content focus, social media visibility, internal linking strategy, local structured citations availability, fresh content publishing.  Prioritize areas needing attention.
  • Social Media Optimization Recommendations:  Discuss social media optimization for major social media accounts like LinkedIn personal & business pages, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • SEO Coaching & Training Sessions:  Includes two SEO Coaching & Training meetings for training, coaching, feedback, answering questions, content copy writing tips, educating, online demonstrations, and mentoring client on SEO services and benefits.
  • Web Development Communications & Quality Control:  Work and communicate with appropriate personnel or webmaster for web development and SEO design communications for changes and edits to ensure correct implementation.  Quality control team work.
  • Other SEO Services:  Provide SEO services Consultation on H-tags (h1, h2, & h3) Header tags for proper use above content paragraphs for sub-headings.  Review call-to-actions and key Landing Pages for commerciality value.

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After the Initial Project Phase, Try Freelance SEO Consultation

One Month SEO Package$85/hour for 6-hour block session, paid in advance.
Three Month SEO Campaign Package – 6-hours/month x 3 months = 18 hrs total commitment.  Half payment due at beginning of package start, balance due at end of month two.
** Bonus Included = Free monthly review and strategy meetings included at no charge.

After the initial search engine optimization session is complete, enabling us to become experts at marketing your new search engine friendly web site, additional SEO consultation work can be discussed.  Hourly SEO consultant rates are $85/per hour.  We always agree on the amount of hours to be included in all project phases.  There are never any required ongoing monthly SEO commitments, contractual obligations, or surprises in our flexible pricing plans.

Other Digital Marketing Services

  • On-Page SEO – Optimizing Web Pages Organizing Hubs or sections of content into silos
  • Content Tweaks and Adjustments – based upon Google keyword rankings momentum
  • Landing Page Optimization – New web page copy writing
  • Technical SEO – identify technical obstacles and remove them
  • Conversion Optimization Consulting – based upon Google Analytics data
  • Internal Linking -  and external link development
  • Call-to-Action – consultation & optimization
  • Writing Content – Copy Writing for web pages or social media accounts
  • SEO Reports – Google USA Rankings – Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, sitemap
  • Business Blogging Services – Blog installation
  • Web Hosting – review and advice
  • Social Media Integration – Setting up top social media accounts and populating content, images, and profiles
  • Web Development – Web Design work through business partners for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

Additional SEO Services Pricing & Flat Rates

Denver Local SEO PackageLocal marketing services, reviews, Google +, 4 hours/$85 = $340 Major Social Media Optimization – Twitter, G+, LinkedIn – 3 accounts: 4 hours/$85 = $340 Complete Web Page Optimization – averages 1 hour/$85 per page with content enhancement

Building a Branding Strategy

Companies’ branding strategies should deliver consistent customer messaging across digital media platforms.  SEO services purchased from are designed to give your brand a competitive advantages.  Each company situation is different, however, in all cases we can uncover at least a dozen effective marketing techniques competitors aren’t taking advantage of …yet.

Examples of effective branding strategies include new logo design, product differentiation, learning the best ways how to redesign a website, better keyword targeting for long-tailed keywords, improving content organization, practicing the best internal linking strategies, Google+ implementation, site structure realignment, link development, Video SEO, optimizing social media accounts, as well as many other provent techniques whereby content marketing can communicate your unique selling proposition.

Advanced SEO Marketing Experts Techniques

The extensive marketing tool kit isn’t listed here for competitive reasons.  We reserve advanced SEO marketing techniques for paying clients.  In a custom SEO marketing plan for your company we’ll use advanced skillsets to get you competitive advantages online!

Our Denver inbound marketing company’s refined marketing techniques and services differentiate your company, and build brand equity.  Best SEO practices help clients sidestep starting over again due to being penalized from an ongoing barrage of Google manual penalties and search engine algorithm updates.

Google Rankings and Organic Search Engine Traffic

Google Search has the final determination and control for organic or natural search engine rankings. has no control over ranking listings positions and cannot guarantee search engine rankings over time.

The goal of today’s SEO Campaign is to focus upon continual improvement of user experiences.  Are people returning back to your site!

Specialist in SEO Marketing Strategy

Our company is a Colorado search engine optimization company providing SEO Expert services and marketing strategies for Denver, Colorado area all USA states’ businesses.  Littleton SEO Expert Kevin Yeaman locally serves Colorado’s front range business owners with all phases of SEO Consultation and order fullfillment.

Start by calling 303.501.4944 to learn more about SEO Packages for small business.  Arrangements can be made for travel, or on-site coaching for clients residing outside of Colorado requiring internet marketing expertise.

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