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How to Redesign Websites

Redesigning a Website can be a daunting process requiring significant due diligence for the business owner. Nevertheless, historically small businesses have redesigned their websites around every 3 years to keep up with online competitors and emerging web design technologies and features. The objective of this post is to pinpoint key decision catalysts that are part of the website development process in order to help business owners get started on the right path.     It’s not only the visual effects, but definitely the textual content. Are you covering the keyword topic like an expert. We can help you with your content development...

WordPress Disadvantages Overcome By Technical SEO

Websites built using the WordPress content management system dominate the web with over 70 million sites built on the WordPress open source content management system platform according to Yoast figures. From th cost of development point of view to the SEO optimization angle, it’s the most affordable, efficient, and effective marketing platform in spite of it’s complications and weaknesses. WordPress delivers far more advantages than disadvantages. For the sake of argument we’ll list some of the more common disadvantages that people eventually run in to unintentionally. The upshot is that all WordPress disadvantages can be overcome with an initial SEO-friendly setup strategy and plan in place, or with an SEO expert that knows technical SEO. For small business owners and web design agencies, taking advantage of the positive WordPress features and benefits while also eliminating the shortcomings and common problems will prevent huge headaches, costs, and frustrations down the road. One disadvantage of WordPress is all the different content display and content generation methods that cause problems with Google. Duplicate content, or thin content that’s publicly available to be indexed in Google can cause site ranking drops by lowering overall site quality scores, and can cause results pages to drop out of search results because Google doesn’t know which content version to credit. Technical SEO Assistance Needed WordPress’s primary problem is related to to blog tags, categories, post types, archives, custom taxonomies and slugs, and different page pagination options that if not set up to best practice SEO standards leads to thin content and useless pages compared with the primary SEO-friendly content. An SEO expert experienced in Technical SEO...