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How To Build Your Online Presence

Businesses need to operate efficiently, lower break-even costs, or raise sales revenue to grow profits.  Content Marketing, Search Experience Optimization, Responsive Website Design, Local Search Marketing, Inbound Marketing Strategies, Google+ and Social Media build your online presence and brand awareness producing valuable lead generation opportunities.

Armed with the right market intelligence, business tools and team, owners begin lowering costs leaving more dollars towards bottom line profit!  Clients of our services gain online visibility.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a pull marketing process, generating awareness and online visibility where customers are searching, interacting and seeking solutions.  Pursuits begin with a search engine query, therefore we master Inbound Marketing Strategies capturing valuable traffic early in ‘searching for solutions’ process leading customers to your main website; versus outbound marketing’s broad-based push marketing methods that interrupt and disrupt.

Top Content Marketing Methods Used in Inbound Marketing

The definition of inbound marketing includes this list of content strategy examples and lead generation tactics used by agencies, SEO Specialists, and expert marketing teams.

  • Video Sharing – Publish video content on,,  Transcribe video to text and optimize Youtube channel for added rich content visibility.
  • Content Curation – Aggregating relevant content from outside influencers, grouping unique online content into a new valuable resource adding value to the conversation.  Presenting noteworthy published content eg. Top 10 Lists, Link Bait
  • E-Mail Marketing Campaigns – Send email newsletters and niche specific content to Opt-in subscribers via permission-based trusted marketing messages improving conversion.
  • Webinar Presentations – Conduct virtual online events, pre-recorded or live audio with video hosting, remote virtual meetings, training workshops, interactive web conferences.
  • Blog Publishing - Create a Blog, Guest blog posting, Blogging content integrated on-site or on Free Blog Sites:,,,,  Bonus:  Most blogs include valuable marketing features like RSS, Tags, & Categories.
  • Electronic Book Promotion – E-book marketing shows you’re niche expertise!  Electronic books, digital books, and E-publishing provides opportunities to earn permanent audiences for downloadable electronic books easily digitally consumed.
  • In-Depth Articles - Compose high-quality feature content containing 2000+ words:,,,,
  • Major Social Media – Start creating Branded content, connect and engage on,,, Pinterest, Google + Local Places, and
  • Podcast Downloads – Produce downloadable original content digital audio and video multimedia files (.WMV) for listening and playback on iPods or portable MP3 players.
  • Mobile Content Development – Making content specifically suited for mobile devices such as a mobile website design, multimedia, videos, discount offers, coupons, music, images
  • Search Engine Optimization Best Practices – Apply sound SEO principles, invest in Content Marketing, Continual Improvement, Lead Generation Results, Build Your Brand Online.
  • Social Networks – User-generated content, collaborate in online communities & wikis, blog comments and forums interaction, mashups, micro-blogging, news & media sharing.
  • Industry Expert Interview – Publish transcripts of 10 thoughtful questions answered by industry influencers, concluded via telephone or face-to-face at meetings or events.
  • .Pdf Documents – Link to Google-indexed .pdf files & .pdf documents using on-demand, opt-in, signup or subscription forms:  Free Reports, Industry Problems or Solutions
  • FAQ Pages & Helpful Tutorials -Generate Frequently Asked Questions pages answering established questions.  Provide screen shots.  Bonus Tip:  Set up using Content Silo structure (parent w/child pages) to attain great rankings for long-tailed keyword searches!
  • Detailed Product Descriptions – Publish unique product information, pricing discounts, value comparisons against competitors, include photographs, quality advantages, Features and Benefits, Unique Selling Proposition, Guarantees and Warranty specifications.
  • Document Sharing – Distribute Powerpoint presentations & slideshows on document sites such as,,,,,
  • Local Business Reviews – Embrace local business consulting advice to get business reviews on,,,, Google + Reviews,, and using geo-location targeting.  Get local business citations, publish Google map directions, list on Local Business Directories.
  • RSS Feeds - Start at or, then submit to RSS syndication portals and news aggregators:,,,
  • Create Infographics -  Insightful illustrations, decision making flow charts, cause & effect outcomes, complex topics & processes, chronological graphs & timelines, Fact sheets.
  • Business Cases – Write up case studies, executive summaries, challenges with alternatives and final solution chosen, before and after, executive summaries, final analysis & results.
  • Research Data – Collecting, analyzing, publishing secondary research attributing sources, survey results, or industry statistics, qualitative or quantitative data interpretations.
  • Optimized Images – Get tons of traffic from Google image search.  Use alt text tag, descriptive file names, make it clickable, use keyworded captions, save on
  • First-rate Web Content Creation – Examples are Writing Technical Articles, White Papers, Business Case Studies, How To Guides or Free Guides, Client Testimonials, Step-by-Step Instructions, Contests & Events, Reviews, Success story chronicles.
  • Press Release Writing – Press Release publishing & distribution of public relations quality content to be picked up by news media, authoritative Bloggers, and Twitterers

What Are The Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Best practices used in digital marketing in 2014 include these techniques:  Personalized Email Campaigns, Visual Content Marketing, Semantic Search, Video SEO, Content Curation, Location-based Marketing, Long-tailed Keywords, Schema Markup, Conversion Rate Optimization, Brand Strategy, Local Online Reviews, Mobile Search Optimization, User Search Experience, Responsive Website Design, Author Rank Authority, Conversational Search.

SEO Consultation Clients Include

Littleton SEO Kevin Yeaman

Looking for a marketing agency serving the Denver, Colorado or Littleton, Colorado area for 10+ years?  Freelancer SEO Kevin provides both National Organic SEO and Local Marketing.

Local Search Marketing for Colorado cities including Evergreen, Estes Park, Boulder, Lakewood, Thornton, Parker, Littleton, Englewood, Centennial, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Arvada, Denver, Vail, Aspen, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Loveland, Westminster, Grand Junction, Carbondale, CO.

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