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Professional Colorado SEO Expert

An Independent Freelancer Digital Marketing Specialist Since 2004

Small businesses should include Organic SEO strategies when publishing content online in order to get the most ‘bang for the buck’. Transforming a run-of-the-mill website into a powerful high-ranking website that gets discovered requires lot of cognizance.

Digital Marketing Specialists, or Content Marketing Specialists, have the skill-set to help small businesses generate business leads naturally using time-tested inbound marketing tactics to attract new customers, while also complying with Google’s Content Quality Guidelines. delivers mobile-friendly search engine friendly websites that earn search engine traffic through all marketing channels 24/7 building brand awareness.

Most business owners don’t fully understand the importance of creating exceptional content. YOU need to publish all types of attraction-oriented Inbound Marketing Content to achieve a rewarding long-term return on investment and build domain authority.

We’ll start by auditing your online presence to identify actionable steps, and develop new competitive advantages working in your favor, such as a beautiful responsive website design that both impresses, and provides the best user experience!

The Website Audit checkup covers: Technical Site Audit, Content Strategy, Robots txt file, Evaluation for Site Structure or Poor Site Architecture, On-page SEO analysis, Duplicate Content Issues, User Experience Design, and check your site for Call-to-Action effectiveness.

Internet Marketing Services for Colorado Small Business Owners.

  • On-page & Off-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Freelance SEO Consulting Advice or Outsourced SEO for Agencies
  • Organic and Local SEO Marketing
  • Technical SEO Problems Diagnosis & Resolution
  • Content Development, Copy Writing, Content Marketing Services
  • Discuss the Best Ways to Increase User Engagement of Site Visitors
  • Learn to produce high-quality content that generates more clicks
  • Learn How To Earn More Natural Search Engine Traffic
  • Utilize Image Search and Video Marketing strategies
  • Prevent Spam Penalties and Duplicate Content Indexing problems
  • Improve Your call to action statements to increase rankings and page views
  • Month-to-Month Ongoing SEO Services Packages
  • Paid Search, Internet Advertising Programs, Profitable Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Google Analytics + Google Webmaster Tools Implementation
  • Small Business SEO Services Designed To Reduce Costs
  • Expertise in Creating High-Performance Websites
  • Information Architecture Web Design and Site Structure Analysis
  • Website Analytics & Performance Measurement
  • Plus, no contracts required!

Denver SEO Training Bootcamp

We offer SEO Bootcamp training, mentoring, education, schooling, tutoring, instructing and coaching curriculums to teach your team important concepts of Internet Marketing such as Google Analytics Training Courses, the Best Search Marketing Tools and software to use, Value Proposition Development, Social Media Marketing Tactics, and Conversion Rate Optimization education.

For a full-service solution, we can handle important weekly and monthly tasks within our existing team of digital marketing professionals.

If you’re not sure which is the best services acquisition solution call Kevin at 303-501-4944 to learn about the best next move to take!

  • We Help YOU Leverage Competitive Advantages! 55%
  • Learn How To Increase Search Enging Rankings 65%
  • Comprehensive Website Audits ♦ Website Reviews 30%
  • Honest, Trustworthy, Valued Work Accomplished Here! 75%
  • Learn Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement 25%
  • All In One Marketing Platform For Multiple Channels 40%

Search Engine Optimization and Responsive Web Design Consulting Services

Web Design + SEO Company

Initial SEO Consultation

Learn more about SEO Consultation Packages or about valuable SEO Monthly Plans for boosting natural search engine traffic.

Denver's Responsive Website Design Team

Upgrade to Responsive Website Design performance! Earn more Google traffic with website designs for all computer devices: Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets.

WordPress Content Management Systems

The WordPress content management system and is arguably the most efficient, productive, and affordable CRM technology platform. Combined with optimized Google+ Business profiles and social media profiles, the foundation to drive more revenue is solidly in place.

  • Owner of

  • Independent Search Engine Marketing Expert
  • No Lock-In Contracts
  • 11 Years of Experience a Trusted Business Partner
  • Full Transparency on Strategies, Tactics and Methodologies
  • Get Sustainable Results from a White Hat SEO Company
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Attention to Details
  • Excellent Communication Skills to get PR and Marketing Teams Working Together Effectively
  • 10,000+ Hours of SEO and Internet Marketing Consultations and Services Fulfillment
  • Website Review and Audit Services to Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, & Opportunities for New Business Lead Generation

  • Proficient skills in reverse-engineering top websites in ultra-competitive business niches to uncover the competitive advantages YOU need to increase your online presence and lower customer cost of acquisition.
  • Start on the right path towards earning Google Rankings on Page #1 or Top 10 Rankings Positions.

Professional SEO Services from an Experienced Organic SEO Specialist

Kevin Yeaman has the knowledge and experience to get Higher Search Engine Rankings. Services offered cover USA businesses and Colorado’s front-range cities: Denver, Littleton, Arvada, Estes Park, Boulder, Lakewood, Thornton, Englewood, Centennial, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Denver, Vail, Aspen, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Parker, Loveland, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Proven Track Record of Success

Colorado SEO Agency clients have included:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Search Engine Marketing + Mobile Friendly Websites
Is your website Mobile-friendly? Does your Online Presence need a boost? Would you like to discuss an upgrade to a responsive website design?

Are you using Marketing Intelligence Data and Keyword Research Analysis? Are you receiving targeted traffic from all the major marketing channels: blog, referrals, social media, and Google+ on all types of devices such as Desktops, Tablet computers, and Smartphones?

Read our most popular blog post: What does and SEO consultant do?

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is a ‘pull marketing’ process.

Organic search search engine queries drive 51% of traffic according to! Therefore we master Organic SEO Strategies that exploit targeted traffic early in the ‘searching for solutions’ process, encouraging customers towards your authoritative website or online business storefront.

Content marketing is an Inbound Marketing Strategy promoting natural discovery of digital content that satisfies existing demand.

Outbound Marketing uses indiscriminate generalized ‘push marketing’ messages that interrupt, disrupt, and antagonize, attempting to stimulate new demand.

Learn about us, and other Inbound Marketing Services.

How To Measure SEO Performance
Do you know about SEO KPIs (keyword performance indicators)?

What are the most important metrics measured in Google Analytics? How can you accuractly evaluate your SEO campaign for effectiveness?

What are the different categories, benchmarks and metrics for SEO performance issues such as backlinks, click-throughs, bounce rate, returning visitors, social media engagement, goal completions, Google page impressions, top 10 Google page rankings achieved, website load time speed, conversion optimization tracking, or organic SEO visits.

Learn how to benchmark SEO performance when evaluating SEO campaigns.

Trends in Digital Marketing in 2015
Best practices trends used by organic search engine optimization specialists include: Online Reputation Management, Visual Content Marketing, Paid Search Advertising, Content Quality Score, Long-tailed Keywords, Schema Microdata Markup, Conversion Rate Optimization, Natural Language Search, Mobile Optimization, User Intent, Semantic Search, Multi-screen Marketing, Topic Modeling, Proof Keywords, Phrase-based Indexing.

Learn how to create your expert digital marketing team.

Kevin is a true expert in SEO. He has the knowledge and know-how to make results happen. He also has the ability to explain why he’s doing what he’s doing to increase your exposure. That’s KEY in an industry filled with acronyms and a changing landscape. Christine Swenson - Denver Immigration Attorney

…. extremely knowledgeable in all areas of search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques. Kevin is professional, honest and extremely passionate about his work — he makes complex topics a lot easier to understand. It is great working with him. I am keeping him on “my team” because as a business owner, it is imperative get ahead of the competition. Angie Buckley - Colorado Photographer

Kevin helped us with a new WordPress website design, SEO strategy, content marketing and video production and has done an excellent job. I would definitely recommend him! Bob Tate - Wyoming Process Servers

Colorado SEO Kevin Yeaman

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